What’s there for Product Managers in SAAS India?

With SAAS India business valued at 50 Billion USD by 2025, Product Managers to play a great role in SAAS Success Story

Guess the number of product managers in India?

Source: Google and Accel Partners SAAS Report

As per the Google and Accel Partners SAAS report, there are 36,000 product managers in India which will increase to 68,000 product managers by 2020. The report says majority of Product Managers come from Consumer Tech companies (dotcoms).

Over Linkedin, I could find 24,569 product managers in India working in IT, Software, Games, Networking, Internet, Security and telecom businesses with the following breakup.

Majority of Product Managers working on platforms, solutions and IT services come from IT companies in India mainly. 5000 Product managers working on core software products come from Software Product companies. However, consumer internet companies contribute close of 2400 Product managers in India.

What about the potential of India SAAS Market?

Source: Google and Accel Partners SAAS Report

Google and Accel Partners released a report recently on India SAAS which is estimated to grow to 50 Billion USD in next 10 years. Out of total SAAS business, Indian SMB SAAS companies will generate a revenue of 10 Billion USD which is presently 600 million USD.

What’s there for Product Managers in SAAS India?

The product managers will be highly required in product based SAAS companies. However, SAAS platform/ solutioning based businesses will require more of presales consultants, business analysts and project managers to overlap few of the core activities of the product managers but not all. I believe potential is clearly visible for product management profession in India with the evolving SAAS market. Since SMB SAAS will essentially be providing products, aspiring product managers may definitely target SMB SAAS companies. Those targeting MNCs need to evaluate the Product Manager role carefully as it might overlap with that of Business Analyst/ Presales/ Project Manager/ Marketing role in case of Solutions or Platform Business and need to align themselves as per their expertise and career aspirations.

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